My Second First Post

A beautiful landscape

Oh, hey. I’m doing this again.

So, as you may notice, my blog got a revamp. I think my previous design was more of a POC and fun experiment than for practicality. So, I moved to hugo. They let me blog in Markdown which is awesome :sunglasses:

Wait, but we don’t care.

I do. So fuck off.

Wow, kinda passive agressive don’t you think?

What does this mean?

Im gonna try to post more than ever. I recently attended my first bootcamp since moving from New York and it revamped the blogger in me. Also, they might have introduced me to Hugo…

I’ll also try to post about some of my side projects here. I’ve set my new goal of becoming a

UX Engineer.

To me, it is the evolutionary next step. It provides the final piece to launching my future freelancing career.

Thanks for keeping up with me. And if you are here from my previous blog:

1. You are awesome.

2. Your face is awesome.

3. I'll be reposting a modified verision of my Promises blog post here, and
  completing it with the missing PT.2, where the young hero realizes he is a moron.


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